My name is Raum.
I was an angel of the Erelim order before I was thrown out with those that followed Lucifer, believed corrupt even though I was only young.
Lucifer hid my angelic nature from me and had me believe I was a demon, giving me place and power as an Earl and commander of 30 of his legions in Hell.
Not that it matters anymore as I have neither title nor legions to command.
Broke a few rules on my voyage to earth and got dragged back down to get reacquainted with the rack. Now little more than some dog on a demon's leash.

((SPN OC RP blog.
Based on canon up to season 6-ish. OOC has seen up until mid season 8 though and is happy to play along with anything really.
Face Claim is Milo Ventimiglia. Not him etc.))
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